Electrostatic Disinfection Service

Electrostatic Disinfection Service

using Electrostatic sprayers

& Eco Friendly disinfectant

We provide this service nationwide

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Electrostatic Disinfection Service using

Electrostatic sprayers

& Eco Friendly disinfectant

We provide this service nationwide

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About Us

Established in 1998 Declan Cruise is a fourth generation family builder. While still specialising in one off builds, extensions and renovations, over the year’s Declan has seen his business swing towards insurance claims and remedial works. The core business now driven through AXA Insurance, AXA Assistance and the AA as part of their home repair and home emergency scheme.

With the economic crash of 2008 and general downturn in the construction sector Declan looked at other avenues to continue his business. From this came DryMyHome.ie a unique service to add to his building company, which offers Fire and Flood damage Restoration and also specialising in technical drying of buildings .

Investing heavily in specialist drying equipment Declan and his staff also retrained with the IICRC Group, who’s standards have beendeveloped to provide the highest quality concepts, terminology, and procedures recognized in the cleaning and restoration industry. Having gained certification from the IICRC, Declan and his team are now qualified technicians in Fire and Flood Water restoration and the safe removal and control of Anti micro- organisms for the prevention and spread of infectious diseases and viruses.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 Declan had to take action to protect staff and customers alike while still providing a safe working environment. This is how DMH Disinfectant Services, and Disinfectant and Sanitation Cleaning Services were set up to allow continuity in safe work practices in conjunction with Parent companies Declan Cruise and DryMyHome.ie.

If you would like further info on the construction and fire & flood restoration side of the business please look at www.drymyhome.ie .

We provide an Electrostatic Decontamination and Disinfection Service

We carry out our service using Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers and a range of world class antimircobial disinfectants by TECcare Antimicrobial Technologies

Disinfection service

We provide a Decontamination and Disinfection Service nationwide 

Do you need your home, office or workspace to be decontaminated and disinfected to help protect your family, friends, employees and customers from pathogens and coronaviruses like Covid-19?

Are you worried that pathogens and coronaviruses like Covid-19 will affect your business and want a  deep disinfectant decontamination.


We have and use the most up to date Disinfectant Solutions that have been Scientifically tested and Proven to Disinfect and Sanitize to the highest possible Standards.

Social Amenitites

Protect against the spread of infectious diseases in public places, buildings, infrastructural facilities or convergence spots, which are shared among local and surrounding communities.

Medical Facilities

Protect those most vulnerable who are working on the front line in medical facilities, & those patients being treated in hospitals and clinics from pathogens and Coronaviruses.

Public Transport

Protect and safeguard public passengers and public transport operators on a daily basis from unknowingly spreading infectious pathogens. Eliminate deadly pathogens.

Domestic Households

Protect your family and friends from infectous pathogens such as Coronaviruses and play your part in stopping the spread by ensuring you have a hospital grade disinfectated home.

Work Place

Protect your staff and customers in the workplace and ensure it’s a safe, pathogen free environment for your business to keep running successfully.

Shared Spaces

Protect community Schools , CrechesGyms and other shared spaces where people come together. Eliminate the chance of spreading viruses at a rapid pace.

Disinfection Protocol

At DryMyHome we use and deliver a disinfection and sanitising service and protocol called E-Shield.

E-Shield creates healthy clean environments which are hostile to all pathogens, but safe for humans and animals in any environment and in any industry. E-Shield is the market leading touchless disinfectant application system. It is a proven non touch, spray and walk away disinfection and sanitising solution. The solutions are bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal and exhibit the following key qualities in use: non corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic & is food safe.

This protocol reduces the cleaning time and protects against outbreaks because of the environment that is created. By not cross contaminating with cloths and immediate wiping we also cut down on the transmission potential of wiping from one area to another. The protocol creates a Teflon (non-stick) type of surface where the pathogens cannot stick to replicate or grow, it makes cleaning far easier and safer as the fluids start to work within 10 seconds.

The E-Shield disinfectant works on all hard surfaces, countertops, handrails, walls, floors, windows, doors and all metals as well as soft surfaces, including fabric, clothes, carpets, curtains, seating etc.

As you can see, the red image displays the areas cleaned using the usual standard touch cleaning methods which results in not all areas being effectively disinfected and sanitised. This enables cross contamination from dirty surfaces to clean surfaces and the spread of germs and viruses.

The green image represents the results achieved using the E-Shield disinfection and sanitising protocol. This results in the whole environment being effectively disinfected and sanitised.

Implementing the E-Shield protocol… Below is an application schedule for maximum disinfection & protection to create an ECO environment where no other chemicals are used and the environment is maintained.

To sum up, using the electrostatic sprayers in combination with the E-Shield disinfection and sanitising protocol delivers an environment which is disinfected and sanitised to the very highest possible standard. The time involved in achieving it is up to 70% faster while using 60% less chemicals. So, it is a very cost-effective way of disinfecting and sanitising a premises or vehicles.

The E-Shield protected environment prevents the spread of any pathogen by touch or physical contact with anything within that environment.

The E-Shield disinfection and sanitising protocol has proven to be very effective in nursing homes, care homes, on public transport, buses, coaches, trams, train carriages, emergency vehicles, ambulances, police cars, personnel carriers, military transport vehicles, public utility vehicles, schools and school transport, in public buildings, the hospitality industry, hotels, hostels and in the fitness and leisure industries.
The E-Shield protocol will be effective in any building or premises in which it is implemented.


At DryMyHome, we provide our services using disinfectants by TECcare Antimircobial Technologies. TECcare manufactures world-class anti-microbials using highly advanced chemistry that passes all efficacy testing whilst remaining safe for users in any environment. TECcare uses its proprietary adjuvant to turbo- boost very low levels of chemicals to become powerful, fast acting, long lasting disinfectants.

All TECCare technologies have been tested and assessed as Non-toxic, Non-irritant, Non-corrosive, and Food-safe anti-microbials.

















Hydroxyl free radical and is water-based.

Food safe and is also used for animal husbandry for viricidal performance.

Kills odour, mould, mildew and cleans organic surface matter.

Kills C-Diff in under 2 minutes.

Fully compliant with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), CE (Common Era), COSHH (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

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